5 Reasons You'll Love SavvyCal (Our Launch Post)

Written By Derrick Reimer

SavvyCal is a delightful new scheduling tool aimed at making the “Let’s find a time to meet” dance less awkward. I’m pleased to announce you can now sign up for SavvyCal and start creating your own scheduling links!

Here are five reasons we think you’ll love SavvyCal today.

  1. Share your availability with more confidence. We show you a full preview of your calendar and let you to adjust your availability on the fly before you share your link.

    Availability preview

  2. Make your scheduling links feel more personal. Like it or not, some people take offense to receiving a generic booking link. We make it easy to personalize links with the recipient’s name & email, so all it takes is two clicks to book a time.


  3. Make scheduling with you extremely convenient. Forcing people to click back-and-forth between your link and their calendar is not optimal. We allow your schedulers to overlay their calendar events on top of your availability. Finding a time has never been easier.


  4. Customize which calendar to use for storing events. These days, most of us are juggling multiple calendars at a time (work, personal, side hustle, etc). You can connect as many calendar accounts as you need to check for conflicts, and select which calendar to use for storage on a per-link basis.

    Customize calendar

  5. Keep your availability up-to-date without pulling your hair out. We allow you to manage your availability presets in one place, so you don’t have to update settings in a hundred different places when it’s time to make a change.

    Availability presets

Today, we integrate with Google Calendar and a handful of conferencing providers (Zoom, Google Meet, and Whereby). We have a growing list of customers successfully using (and loving) the product today for scheduling one-on-one meetings.

This is just the beginning.

Here are some of the things coming up on our roadmap:

  • Automation: We are cooking a powerful Zapier integration and a world-class developer API.
  • Group scheduling: We are leveraging what the computer already knows about the availability of each participant to build the most efficient group scheduling solution.
  • Calendar defragmentation: Power-user features for optimizing your schedule.
  • More calendars: Outlook & Apple calendar integrations are on their way.

SavvyCal costs $12/user/month (or $120/user/year). No gimmicks.

Sign up for SavvyCal today, and snag your savvy username before someone else does 😉


Derrick Reimer
Founder of SavvyCal