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Current User

A representation of the currently-authenticated user.


This resource includes the following properties:

Property Type Description
avatar_url string The URL for the user’s avatar.
display_name string The user’s full name (first & last combined).
email string The user’s email address.
first_day_of_week integer The preferred first day of week setting (Sunday = 0, Monday = 1).
first_name string The user’s first name.
id string The user’s ID.
last_name string The user’s last name.
time_format string The preferred format for displaying time strings (12hr or 24hr ).
time_zone string The user’s time zone.
plan string The name of the billing plan for the user.


Here is an example representation of this resource:

"avatar_url": "",
"display_name":"John Daker",
"email": "",
"first_day_of_week": 0,
"first_name": "John",
"id": "user_01ED74HMFGVZ92YVCWTD8Y8H6X",
"last_name": "Daker",
"time_format": "12hr",
"time_zone": "America/Chicago",
"plan": "basic"