We launched! Here are 5 reasons you’ll love SavvyCal
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Finding a time to meet
shouldn’t be so awkward

We’re streamlining every aspect of the scheduling workflow. Start sharing your own booking links in minutes.


Isn’t scheduling a solved problem?

We don't think so.

Without a doubt, tools like Calendly have made finding times to meet a lot easier. But let’s face it — scheduling is still fraught.

Half the time, we’re hesitant to share our booking links because of power dynamics: “Will I offend this person by asking them to jump through my hoops?” What if scheduling felt like a collaborative effort instead of an inconvenience for the receiving party?

As creatives, the worst is when our calendars get fragmented into little unusable chunks of time. What if you could rely on your scheduling app to protect your deep work and encourage people to pick optimal times?

Sometimes, there’s more work to be done around coordinating a meeting than just finding a time. What if you could automate tasks that come before and after your meetings?

Tools on the market today are a great start, but we believe we can do better. It’s time your scheduling workflow got a little smarter.


Behind the scenes

Hi! I'm Derrick Reimer, founder of SavvyCal. I've been building software companies for the past decade and documenting the story on The Art of Product Podcast.

We’re backed by the TinySeed startup accelerator.