You’ll love it for the advanced features that keep you in control of your calendar. They’ll love it for the delightful scheduling experience.


Suspiciously powerful team scheduling

We built a scheduling engine to handle all manner of booking scenarios. Our links gracefully elevate from one-on-one mode to as-complex-as-you-need mode, in a few clicks.

Combine teammate schedules

Factor in availability for required attendees, and skip checking for conflicts for optional attendees.

Round robin pooling

Distribute meetings among a pool of organizers, optimizing for availability or fairness. Optionally prioritize order of assignment.

Factor in outside colleagues

Add people from outside your company to factor in their free/busy times on your SavvyCal links.


Your time is valuable. Charge accordingly.

Connect your Stripe account to collect payments on your scheduling links. Collect sales tax if needed & accept any payment method available in your Stripe account.

Take payments directly from links.

Connect your link to a corresponding product in your Stripe account and require payment before reserving the meeting time.

Accept any payment method

Credit cards, bank transfers, Apple Pay, Google Pay — whatever you want to configure in your Stripe account.

Collect taxes automatically

EU customers rejoice! Calculate and collect sales tax, VAT, and GST with the click of a button (powered by Stripe Tax).


Defend your focus

The last thing you want is a schedule littered with meetings and no actual time to get into flow. SavvyCal comes preloaded with tools for keeping your schedule sane.

Frequency Limits

Limit how many meetings are allowed on a per-day, week, and month basis.

Time Blocks

Budget your time using calendar events, and wire up SavvyCal to honor those preferences.

Clustered Meetings

Encourage people to schedule meetings near other meetings, to prevent calendar fragmentation.


Free meeting polls for group scheduling

Invite people to vote on times that work best for them. Available for free, no annoying ads.


Send carefully timed messages with ease

It’s never been easier to send customized meeting lifecycle messages and automate manual tasks with SavvyCal workflows.

Give your reminders a personal touch.

Customize your timing and content to minimize no-shows. Compose from scratch or pick one of our handy templates.

Trigger no-code automations with Zapier.

Sync with your CRM, send yourself reminders, create project management to-do’s…the sky’s the limit.

Reuse automations across your links.

Attach workflows to one or more links to save yourself from repetitive work.


Embed links directly on your website

Build a seamless experience for your schedulers by embedding your SavvyCal links on your site. Display scheduling links inline, via a floating widget, or triggered based clicking a hyperlink.


Quickly access your links from any webpage

Save time with one-click access to your scheduling links from our Chrome/Edge/Brave extension. Propose times based on your availability natively in Gmail or anywhere you’re scheduling a meeting.