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Meeting Poll

A representation of a meeting poll.


This resource includes the following properties:

Property Type Description
id string The poll ID.
state string The poll state (draft, published, complete, or deleted).
slug string The URL slug for the poll.
name string The poll name.
description string The public description for the poll.
duration integer The duration of time slots.
url string The URL for the poll page.
publicize_responses boolean Whether to allow others to see who voted.
scope Scope Preview A minimal representation of the scope.
slots array of Meeting Poll Slot A list of time slot options.
created_at string The ISO-8601 timestamp when the poll was created.


Here is an example representation of this resource:

"id": "poll_01ED74HMFGVZ92YVCWTD8Y8H6X",
"state": "published",
"slug": "8djhf8w9",
"name": "Board Meeting",
"description": "Let's find a time to meet!",
"duration": 60,
"url": "",
"publicize_responses": true,
"scope": {
"id": "scope_01ED74HMFGVZ92YVCWTD8Y8H6X",
"name": "John Daker",
"slug": "john"
"slots": [{
"start_at": "2021-06-01T10:00:00Z",
"end_at": "2021-06-01T10:30:00Z",
"votes": 5,
"rank": 1
}, {
"start_at": "2021-06-02T10:00:00Z",
"end_at": "2021-06-02T10:30:00Z",
"votes": 2,
"rank": 2
"created_at": "2021-06-01T10:00:00Z"