SavvyCal API
SavvyCal API


Webhooks allow you to listen for changes in a SavvyCal account and get notified via HTTP POST requests.

Registering a webhook

Via the user interface

Navigate to Settings > Integrations and click the + icon in the Webhooks:

The interface for registering a new webhook

Via the REST API

See the Webhooks endpoints documentation for managing webhooks via the SavvyCal API.

Consuming webhooks

When an event occurs that triggers a webhook, we will send an HTTP POST to the URL you specified, with a JSON-encoded body:

POST /my-webhook-receiver HTTP/1.1
User-Agent: SavvyCal Webhooks (
Content-Type: application/json

  "type": "event.created",
  "id": "payload_XXXXXXXXXX",

The URL you specify to received webhook payloads should respond quickly with a 200 OK response code. To ensure you respond in a timely manner, it’s best to enqueue the body in a job queue to process asynchronously (rather than processing it in the request cycle). If we receive a non-2xx response code, we will retry with exponential backoff.

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