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Event Attendee

A representation of an event attendee.


This resource includes the following properties:

Property Type Description
id string The attendee id.
email string The attendee’s email address.
display_name string The attendee’s full name.
first_name string The attendee’s first name.
last_name string The attendee’s last name.
phone_number string The attendee’s phone number (not required).
time_zone string The attendee’s local Olson time zone.
response_status string The response status of the attendee.
is_organizer boolean A flag indicating whether the attendee is the organizer who owns the scheduling link.
is_scheduler boolean A flag indicating whether the attendee is the person who scheduled the event.
fields array A list of custom fields.
↳ id string The field ID.
↳ type string The field type.
↳ label string The field label.
↳ value string The field value submitted by the attendee.


Here is an example representation of this resource:

"id": "attendee_XXXXXXXXXX",
"email": "",
"display_name": "Sally Scheduler",
"first_name": "Sally",
"last_name": "Scheduler",
"phone_number": "+15555555555",
"time_zone": "America/Chicago",
"response_status": "confirmed",
"is_organizer": false,
"is_scheduler": true,
"fields": [{
"id": "field_XXXXX",
"type": "text",
"label": "What are we discussing today?",
"value": "The price of Bitcoin"