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Scheduling Link

A representation of a scheduling link.


This resource includes the following properties:

Property Type Description
id string The link ID.
state string The link state (active or disabled).
slug string The URL slug for the link.
name string The link name visible on the booking page.
private_name string | null The private link name (not shown to the scheduler).
description string The link’s description visible on the booking page.
durations integer[] An array of one more duration options (in minutes).
default_duration integer | null The default duration to preselect for the scheduler.
scope Scope Preview A minimal representation of the scope.
fields array A list of custom fields.
↳ id string The field ID.
↳ type string The field type.
↳ label string The field label.
↳ is_required boolean Whether the field is required.


Here is an example representation of this resource:

"id": "link_01ED74HMFGVZ92YVCWTD8Y8H6X",
"state": "active",
"slug": "chat",
"name": "Chat with John",
"private_name": "Generic Link",
"description": "Let's find a time to meet!",
"durations": [15, 30, 45],
"default_duration": 30,
"scope": {
"id": "scope_01ED74HMFGVZ92YVCWTD8Y8H6X",
"name": "John Daker",
"slug": "john"
"fields": [{
"id": "8dauf9s",
"type": "short_text",
"label": "Why are we meeting?",
"is_required": true