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“SavvyCal is such a joy to use! Still makes me happy every time.”

Chris Spags
Founder of Jetboost

“I use SavvyCal so my customers can easily compare my availability to their own. Making their lives a little easier is a treat I’m happy to pay for.”

Matt Wensing
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“My favorite is the personalized links. SavvyCal links feel more natural and save everyone time.”

Tracy Osborn
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A fundamentally different scheduling experience

Other Scheduling Tools

Force the scheduler to toggle between their calendar and your list of time slots

The SavvyCal Experience

A beautiful, interactive interface that allows the scheduler to overlay their calendar


Calendar overlay

No need to switch back and forth between screens any more.

Prefill recipient info

Save the scheduler time by prefilling their info.

Ranked availability

Present your preferred availability instead of just all your availability.

Limit scheduling frequency

Cap meetings per day, week, and month.

Per-link calendar settings

Route different links to different calendars.

Multiple durations

Offer several options on one scheduling link.

Time zone scheduling

We'll update your time zone for you when you travel.

Delegate account access

Allow your assistant to manage your account for you.

Single-use links

Automatically archive a link after someone uses it.

We make scheduling sexy.
And fast.

But don’t just take our word for it. We’ll let the product do the talking.

Give your schedulers a calendar, not a list of time slots.

Allow recipients to overlay their calendar on top of yours to easily find mutual availability.

Calendar overlay

Team scheduling at the click of a button.

Automate round robin routing, set up collective scheduling, and add teammates on the fly.

Team scheduling

Connect all your calendars.

Work, personal, side projects...check for conflicts across all of them and set which calendar you want to store each meeting in.

Calendar routing

Take back control of your schedule.

Present ranked availability windows to encourage recipients to pick the optimal time (while still remaining flexible).

Ranked availability

Protect yourself from meeting overload.

Set limits for how many meetings can be booked per day, week, or month so you always reserve time for deep work.

Buffers and limits

Use time blocks to control availability.

Create naming conventions that find scheduling availability based on calendar events you create for time blocks.

Time blocks

Propose times to meet.

Generate a snippet of text to propose times in just seconds. Recipients can pick a time to meet in just two clicks.

Propose times

Embed directly on your website.

Let visitors schedule time without ever leaving your website. Trigger your embedded link via hyperlink, the floating button, or a JavaScript call.


Ad-free meeting polls.

Invite people to vote on a set of times to meet and book the one that works best.

Meeting polls

Integrate all your essential tools

We play nicely with other tools in your scheduling workflow.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Create events on your Google Calendar and check for times when you are busy.

Outlook Calendar

Outlook Calendar

Create Outlook Calendar events and check for times when you are busy.

iCloud Calendar

iCloud Calendar

Create Apple iCloud calendar events and check for times when you are busy.

Fastmail Calendar

Fastmail Calendar

Create events on your Fastmail calendar and check for times when you are busy.

Zoom Video Conferencing

Zoom Video Conferencing

Automatically create unique Zoom rooms for new events.

Google Meet

Google Meet

Add Meet links to your Google Calendar events.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Add a Teams conferencing room to your Outlook events.

Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension

Access your scheduling links from any webpage.

Create leads and record activity when someone books a sales call.



Create unique recording sessions for your events.

Fathom Analytics

Fathom Analytics

Add privacy-first analytics to your scheduling links.



Embed your scheduling link on your Podia Coaching page.



Automate tasks in other apps when events are scheduled.



Listen for when new events are created or updated.



Collect payments during your scheduling flow.



Create users and track events in your Userlist account.



Embed your scheduling link directly on your Digioh box.

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