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SavvyCal is the Harmonizely alternative that makes scheduling collaborative instead of a nuisance. Finally, a meeting scheduling tool both the sender and the recipient will love.


“You have no idea the total PAIN I went through the last months trying to find a scheduling app. Then I tried SavvyCal and everything just WORKS.”

Pieter Levels
Founder of Nomad List

“Having seen all these new features on SavvyCal, I had to upgrade my account and cancel Calendly. Is it okay to be excited about a scheduling app?”

James McKinven
Host of Indie Bites Podcast

“I moved from Calendly. Really, it's as simple as stop sending Calendly links and start sending SavvyCal links, and let the Calendly stuff gradually fall off.”


Harmonizely still follows the same old (broken) scheduling conventions.

Harmonizely is a scheduling tool that focuses on CalDAV support, which is what calendars like Zoho and Fastmail are built on. While Harmonizely allows for custom domains, custom sending addresses, and multilingual support, it still requires switching back and forth between tabs to find mutual availability.

If you’re okay with sending out a generic link that forces the recipient to jump through a few hoops to meet with you, SavvyCal probably won’t be a good fit for you. But if you care about providing an enjoyable experience for anyone booking a meeting with you, you’re in the right place.

A fundamentally different scheduling experience

Other Scheduling Tools

Force the scheduler to toggle between their calendar and your list of time slots

The SavvyCal Experience

A beautiful, interactive interface that allows the scheduler to overlay their calendar


Calendar overlay

No need to switch back and forth between screens any more.

Prefill recipient info

Save the scheduler time by prefilling their info.

Ranked availability

Present your preferred availability instead of just all your availability.

Limit scheduling frequency

Cap meetings per day, week, and month.

Per-link calendar settings

Route different links to different calendars.

Multiple durations

Offer several options on one scheduling link.

Time zone scheduling

We'll update your time zone for you when you travel.

Delegate account access

Allow your assistant to manage your account for you.

Single-use links

Automatically archive a link after someone uses it.


“SavvyCal makes me feel better about finding time to meet with clients, partners, and colleagues. It goes beyond similar tools by removing the awkwardness of imposing your schedule upon others.”

François Lanthier Nadeau
CEO, Snipcart

Make personalization a priority.

With SavvyCal, you can create personalized links in seconds to make a great impression while also reducing the steps needed to schedule a time.

With Harmonizely, you have to send the same ol’ link to everyone.


Instantly find a time that works for everyone.

With SavvyCal, recipients can overlay their calendar on top of yours to easily find mutual availability.

With Harmonizely, the burden is on the recipient to switch back and forth to find a good time.

Calendar overlay

Set preferred times you’d like to meet.

With SavvyCal, you can optimize your schedule by presenting availability windows in a particular order.

With Harmonizely, recipients are limited to just one availability window.

Show more times

Protect yourself from meeting overload.

With SavvyCal, you can limit how many meetings can be booked per day, week, or month.

With Harmonizely, you might wake up to 10 back to back meetings on a Monday.

Buffers and Limits

Customize availability on the fly.

With SavvyCal, you can preview and manually allow or block off time before sending.

With Harmonizely, “ad hoc meetings” have to be created in order to adjust availability, which completely negates the purpose of creating preset links in the first place.

Link editing

Select which calendar to use for storage on a per-link basis.

With SavvyCal, you can check for conflicts across multiple calendars and set which calendar you want to store each meeting in.

With Harmonizely, there’s no way to sync multiple calendars for and assign each to different meeting types.

Calendar routing

Offer multiple duration lengths for each link.

With SavvyCal, recipients can book as little or as much time as they need.

With Harmonizely, you have to create a separate link for every duration variant you want to offer.

Variable duration

Ad-free meeting polls.

With SavvyCal, you can invite people to vote on a set of times to meet without any distractions.

With Harmonizely, you’re out of luck if you want to schedule a group meeting.

Meeting poll interface

Switch in 15 minutes or less

You shouldn’t have to feel weird about sending out your scheduling link. Switch to SavvyCal and people will be complimenting you on the scheduling experience. It’s the scheduling tool both you and your recipients will love.

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“After I switched to SavvyCal, people are complimenting my scheduling experience! Thanks for making me look good.”

Peter Suhm
Founder at Reform

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