How To Send a Google Calendar Invite in Gmail

Jessica Malnik
Jessica Malnik
· 4 min read

Whether you are scheduling a 1:1 with your direct report, meeting with a client, or planning a team retreat, there is a good chance you are going to be sending a calendar invite (or few) every single day.

In fact, according to a study by, the average office worker attends 25.6 meetings per week, and the number of meetings has only increased since the start of the pandemic.  

There are multiple ways to create and send calendar invites. In this post, we’re sharing how to send calendar invites both manually as well as how you automate this process.

How to send a Google calendar invite from Gmail or your browser

Since the process of sending a calendar invite from Gmail or your web browser, like Chrome, is identical. In this section, we’ll share how to send a Google calendar invite from within Gmail in your web browser.

To start, open Google Calendar in the upper right portion of the screen or by going to Then click ‘Calendar.’

Then, click the date when your event is taking place, and a window will pop up. You’ll fill in all of the relevant details.

Now, it is time to add people to the invite. To do this, click the ‘Add guests’ option. You will be able to type in the email addresses of the individuals you want to invite directly into the space. Then, hit save.

Pro Tip: You can also adjust invitees’ permissions by selecting the checkbox of the options you want. You can let invited people modify the event, invite others, or see the guest list. Make sure to hit save when you’re done.

How to add people to an existing calendar invite

To send an invite for an existing event, you’ll click the event in your calendar. Then, a pop-up window will appear.

To edit the event, click the pencil icon in the upper right of the new window.

To send an invite, type in the name or email address of the individual in the Guests section located in the right-hand column of the screen.

How to uninvite someone from your calendar invite

Fortunately, removing someone from a Google calendar invite is the easy part. It takes a few seconds. The hard part is having to explain why you are uninviting them.

To remove someone from a calendar invite, select the event that you want to modify.

In the Guests column on the right, hover your mouse over the individuals you want to uninvite and click the ‘x.’ next to their name/email address. Then, hit Save.

How to send a calendar invite from your phone

You can also create, add, or remove people from a calendar invite from the Google Calendar app on your phone.

To invite people to a calendar event, either create a new event by clicking the plus sign (+) in the bottom right corner or edit an existing event.

Then, click the day and time of the event on your calendar. Select ‘Add people’ on the small window at the bottom of your screen to invite individuals to the event.

You’ll enter the email addresses of the people you want to invite.

You can also determine whether guests can add others by using the toggle on the screen. When you’re done entering addresses, hit ‘Done.’

Then, once you’re done adding your event details and guests, hit Save.

A better alternative to scheduling meetings and sending calendar invites manually

While creating individual calendar invites from your computer or phone isn’t hard, it can become time-consuming, especially when you are sending four or more back-and-forth emails trying to find a time to meet with the person BEFORE you even send the calendar invite.

That’s where using scheduling software, like SavvyCal, comes in handy.

For starters, you can connect and sync all of your calendars, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally double-booking yourself when you are trying to find a time to meet.  

In addition, SavvyCal provides a scheduling experience that both you and your recipient(s) will love. For instance, it gives your recipient a calendar view, not a list of time slots. So, it feels like they’re scheduling a chat and not booking a doctor’s appointment.

Not to mention, it allows recipients to overlay their calendar on top of yours to easily find mutual availability and eliminate the awkward toggling back and forth.

You can also create personalized calendar links in seconds. Or, generate a snippet of text to propose times so that recipients can pick a time to meet in just two clicks.

Of course, when someone books a meeting through one of your SavvyCal links, it automagically creates the Google Calendar invite, including auto-generating a Zoom, Google Meet, or Whereby link, etc. if necessary.

Ready to simplify the process of scheduling calls and sending calendar invites? Start your free trial with SavvyCal.